Photographic travels in the lands of brown bears

In the eastern Finland, at the borders with Russia, brown bears, wolverines and pack of wolves live wild in the vast forests.
April represents an important change: the snow storms are ending and the animals wake up from their hibernation. The frozen lakes melt down and the first males go around, looking for preys, under the last snow.


In May and June the forest blooms, females go around with their cubs and the daylight gets longer. Summertime continues until the end of August, when bears and wolverines start to get fat for the next hibernation: in this time many individuals may be present.


September is your last chance to visit the area, the animals are still around and the landscape turns gold. Daylight gets shorter giving us wonderful sunsets.


This safari is for professional and amateur photographers, but also curious watchers.

  • Location: Kuhmo, Finland.
  • Date: first tour summer 2019, date to be announced.
  • Guide: Filippo Palmesi
  • Group: 5-10 guests.
  • Fitness: easy
  • Cost: € 1250

Kajaani Airport, 1 hour flight from Helsinki, is located in a little town surrounded by the Finnish forests, in Kuhmo region.


The participants will meet at the airport, then a private van will take us to Wild Brown Centre, where we will spend the following days. The center, owned by our friend Ari, is skilled in bear and wolverine photographic safaris and is located between the forests and the lakes next to the Russia borders. Here predators have found a perfect habitat. The bears come from the surrounding forests, they wander around the lakes in search of food in the afternoon, giving us the opportunity to photograph them in their natural environment. Also the wolverines, predators that in other Arctic regions seem to be rare and unpredictable, run around the area. With a little luck you can also spot some wolf specimens.


The Centre has a total of 29 different hides suitable for both photography and observation. The area offers a great variety of terrain and gives the photographer an excellent opportunity to capture the wildlife at very short distances (sometimes even 2 metres!) against various backgrounds.


Meals and accommodation are offered in a beautiful lodge on the edge of a large lake, located only a short walk away from the hides.


  • Day 1: Arrival at Kajaani Airport in the afternoon, one hour flight from Helsinki. A private van will take us to Kuhmo. It will take about two hours. Once we arrive at the center we will dinner and the guide will describe about the program of the following days.
  • Days 2-6: After breakfast (8:00 am) the guests will have time to relax at the lake, rest outdoor or enjoy a sauna. Before dinner (4.00 pm) the guide will give you useful recommendations about the predator behaviour in that season, how to shoot them and when. At 5.00 pm we will walk to the hides (500-900 m) where we will spend the night waiting and photographing the animals till the dark. When the lights go down, you can rest in your sleeping-bag in the absolute silent of the forest. The morning after we will go back to the lodge for breakfast.
  • Day 7: After returning from the hide, a quick breakfast and leave to Kajaani Airport.


Timetables may vary according to the season, depending on the behavior of the animals.



  • 5 nights in photography hides.
  • 6 days accommodation at the lodge.
  • Breakfast, dinner and snack for the night.
  • Professional guide.
  • Transfer Kajaani Airport – Wild Bear Center.



  • Flights to Kajaani.
  • Insurances.
  • Photographic equipment and technical clothing.


Date will be chosen depending on the first reservations.
Please contact us at for info and booking.


Remember that WILD-Expeditions cannon guarantee that animals will be seen nor that photos will be obtained. The safaris are based on wild animals behaviour for which we cannon accept any responsibility. Participants need to have valid travel IDs. WILDExpeditions accepts no responsibility for any accidents or other health problems arising.